Affiliate marketing is not a game – it’s a real business. However, once you start making money doing aff. marketing, your life changes for the better. You can wake up late, take a week or two of vacation just like that, buy things you couldn’t afford before, love what you do and help others at the same time. That’s just great! However, to get to that stage ASAP you need a mentor, a good plan, and some tools.

Some people spend years trying and are still nowhere near their dream life. In today’s article, I’ll try to show you a direction you should go, and a list of tools you need to get started.


This business is probably easier than any other business. You don’t have to own a product, website or offer any service as you can sell someone else’s product in exchange for a commission. This makes things easier as you just sell and get commissions. That’s it! No customer service, no headache. However, you need a few simple and cheap tools to start.

#1: – product marketplace

Again, you don’t need your own product or service, but you need to sell something to get paid – obvious! The best marketplace with thousands of products to choose from is Lots of categories, tons of products you can promote and get usually 50% commissions. So when you sell something for $100, you get as much as $50 commissions as a reward for the sale. Some product vendors offer even 75% or 100% from the sale! There are 2 main alternatives to, and These are the major 3 marketplaces.

#2: – e-mail marketing

So you have access to the marketplace. Now, when promoting products, you need to collect email addresses – this is your number 1 focus! Why? Because once someone gives you their email address and agrees to receive topic-related emails from you, you can send them other similar offers. Instead of selling something once, you can sell helpful products over and over again to your prospects.

#3: – opt-in page

How to collect e-mails and build your mailing list? You need an opt-in page. An opt-in page is a web page designed to convert visitors into e-mail subscribers. It’s used to kind of ‘warm-up’ your visitors, and give them something free in exchange for their email address (and optionally also the first name). So a visitor lands on the opt-in page, leaves their e-mail, gets some bribe/freebie (can be an ebook, online report or anything else), and then is redirected to an offer from Alternatively, they just download the freebie, and you send them an e-mail with your offer via In fact, you can (and you should) send e-mails with various offers every day to maximize your profits!

#4: – VPS (Virtual Private Server)

You need to host your opt-in page somewhere. You need hosting. However, it’s a better idea to invest in VPS. I don’t want to go too deep into technical details, but VPS is just better and way more reliable than just regular hosting. With the link above you get $100 FREE credit for 60 days and that’s a lot because after that you need a VPS for as low as $5/month. Once you sign-up for the Digital Ocean, create a ‘WordPress’ droplet on the dashboard as that’s the ‘base’ for

#5: – domain name

OK, so you’ve got your hosting, opt-in pages builder, but you need a third puzzle: a domain name. Your visitors need to go somewhere to see your opt-in page, by ‘somewhere’ I mean a URL address, like Think about a domain name related to affiliate marketing – it can be simply your first and last name (mine is

#6: – freebies

I told you you need some bribe – a freebie like an ebook or report on your opt-in page. You have to give your visitors a good reason to share their personal details with you. The best way to do it is to give them something for free – something valuable. If you don’t have your own product to offer, you can get one with Private Label Rights, rebrand it a bit, and offer it as your own. is a service with high-quality and up-to-date products, but there are plenty of other services where you can download PLR products.

How It Works

You need those 6 tools I listed above to get started. Believe it or not but that’s enough to start making money on the internet. You need to put all those 6 puzzles together – there’s a lot to explain but fortunately, there are plenty of instructions available free on youtube or google. Once you have everything ready, you’re good to go! You just need to grab your opt-in page’s URL link and promote it all over the internet. This is a topic for another blog post, but generally, you can promote it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, your personal blog, through paid ads in Google or Facebook, your YouTube channel, solo ads (email marketing), and anything else you can think of – even offline.

From the visitor’s perspective, it looks like this: you see an ad, and click on it; then you’re redirected to an opt-in page; insert your name and e-mail into the opt-in form; receive a freebie; from now on you receive daily emails with free tips and tricks about how to make money online as well as offers and products to buy.


This is the easiest way to make money online. You need to invest a little bit of money, and a little bit of time to build your lead magnet opt-in page. Once you do that, you just focus on promoting your page.

What offer should you promote then? My suggestion is John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” program. It’s available only for selected affiliates but you can apply through this link: ???

When someone buys this high-ticket product, you get paid up to $3,136.50 in commissions.

As always, I encourage you to check out the “Partnership to Success” program that teaches you about how to create your own digital product, which can bring you even more money. It takes more time to create a product than just promoting products as an affiliate, but it’s worth the effort as product vendors earn even a good six figures within a week from launching their product. Click the link below to learn more: ???

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